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The UC Santa Barbara (UCSB) Asian American Experience

Veronica Vo and Luc Le

Performers at Pilipino Cultural Night (PCN), Credit:

Take a Trip Through Time

According to campus profile records, Asian American students were not always represented at UCSB. Learn more about the events that have shaped our community and the people that fought for inclusion. 

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Advancements have been made in representation for Asian American students on UCSB's campus. Learn what our university has done to make the school a more inclusive environment.

There's still a long way to go before diversity is truly celebrated. Learn more about resources that will lead the future of change, and set goals for where Asian American representation should one day be.


Veronica Vo is a fourth-year Communication and Psychological & Brain Sciences major. Luc Le is a fourth-year Writing and Literature major in the College of Creative Studies. As two Vietnamese American students pursuing journalism minors at UCSB, they decided to take a look into the campus community to examine the state of Asian American students and representation on campus.

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